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New program to recognise security employee commitment

Team Commitment

New program to recognise security employee commitment

AMSEC Australia has re-vamped its reward and recognition program to give a special acknowledgement to those team members who have notched-up a significant amount of employment with the company.

While security can sometimes be a high-churn industry, many AMSEC workers are bucking this trend, with some nearly a decade of committed service.

AMSEC put the program in place to thank these workers. The program awards employees – including full-time, part-time and casual – starting from five years of service and then again every additional five years.

These team members are presented with a gift certificate to correspond with their latest anniversary milestone, a Certificate of Appreciation.

AMSEC CEO Tracie Mathieson-Lowe says that while newer employees also add value and fresh perspective, longer serving team members can offer a unique insight and expertise garnered only from years on the job.

“We just wanted to find a genuine way to thank these workers for sticking with us, for working in line with our company values and for giving us their best year after year,” Mrs Mathieson-Lowe says.

“They set a great example for some of our newer employees and show how security can offer a solid career path and in various capacities.”

Mrs Mathieson-Lowe says that long-serving employees also add value to the company’s different clients. “Our clients come to really rely on some of our team members who do regular work for them year-in and year-out. Clients trust them with keeping their own employees, workplace, products or customers safe and secure,” Mrs Mathieson-Lowe says.

Established many years ago, AMSEC Australia is a full-service security provider that specialises in combining consulting and electronic security to provide clients with an integrated solution and support.

For nearly 20 years AMSEC has delivered unrivalled customer-driven and focused security services to a growing list of commercial, industrial, not for profit and government organisations throughout Australia.

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