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Ascot Vale Special School – Rely on donations in order to send the children on a holiday to Queensland teaching life skills

Ascot Vale Special School Team

Ascot Vale Special School is a State Government school which provides high quality education to students with a mild intellectual disability.

They offer each student the opportunity to:

• develop to their potential

• learn, grow and contribute

• participate in a relevant curriculum

• advance through an individual education plan

They assist students between 5 – 18 years to address their learning difficulties and develop a wide range of life skills that enable them to participate more fully in life’s daily activities.

Their curriculum features a wide range of programs based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, with an emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy.

Other specialist programs include:

• Information Technology

• Physical Education, including Gymnastics and Sport

• Art

• Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and Garden program

The Senior Secondary students are enrolled in the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) Like AMSEC Australia, Ascot Vale Special School holds the following values:


To recognize and accept the differences in ability, race religion and belief of others.


Learning together to achieve the best possible outcomes for all.


Open communication at all times.

They offer each student the opportunity to:

• Develop to their potential

• Learn, grow and contribute

• Participate in a relevant and comprehensive curriculum

• Enjoy a caring and supportive learning environment

• Advance through an Individual Education Plan

• Celebrate success

Many schools have recently found ways to support Very Special Kids, with some wonderful fundraising efforts. A special mention should be shown for the annual fundraiser for the Ascot Vale Special School – that rely on donations in order to send the children on a holiday to Queensland teaching life skills etc.  This event is held every year by the wonderful volunteer women of The Riverside Golf & Tennis Club which is our client.


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