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Humans are not resources


Too often onboarding is about getting the new hires computer and security access set up, but onboarding is so much more. The entire process from before the employee starts to the end of the first year should enable the employee to deeply understand, and most importantly align, with the company’s culture and strategy.

AMSEC Australia believe that we can give our new starters a great first impression of our company. AMSEC Australia’s onboarding process covers all the essentials; it creates an employee contract, collects all the employee data that they fill in only once, sends that data to the ATO, informs the new hire about important policies, gives the employee the chance to make an informed decision about their super fund, life insurance and more.  At the same time, we designed it to really help to get everyone emotionally engaged with your company and feel a great first touch of our Brand.

One of the best things, and why I am so passionate about AMSEC Australia, is that we not only provide state of the art onboarding, but cover the entire employee lifecycle and provide leading class employee benefits.

Aleem-ur Rehman, we are so pleased you’ve accepted the position as senior technician in our Victorian Office. Your past accomplishments and experience at G4S have surely whetted your appetite for the tasks and challenges at the new location.

In addition to this we are equally pleased to have Jane Hewet accept the position of service co-ordinator in our Victorian Office. Coming in at such an early stage will give you the opportunity to shape the team along with Bill into a dynamic team that will serve as a model as we expand into other operations.

Changing jobs when a move is involved always becomes a family effort. We want to make the adjustment as easy as possible. AMSEC Australia is not just a specialised security firm, we are a family and we are excited about your potential here and what you can contribute to the organisation.


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