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The Protection of Government Property is a National and Global Priority.

It is vital that governmental agencies ensure that their buildings, personnel and services are resilient to all potential security threats. Our technicians at AMSEC design and implement fully customised security systems to protect government property, personnel, sensitive information and help maintain essential services and minimise disruptions. We provide electronic security solutions and monitoring services of the highest standards for government buildings as per industry standards.

Inadequate security management can leave government organisations and their people and services vulnerable.

Risks include deliberate acts such as:

  • Terrorism
  • Unauthorised access
  • Burglary and theft
  • Violence towards staff
  • Vandalism
  • Data breach
  • Disruption or loss of service

First Class Integrated Security Solutions for National Safety.

AMSEC Australia can provide a wide range of integrated security solutions designed specifically for your requirements.

Our services are utilised by federal, state and local government organisations for our innovative security solutions, comprehensive maintenance programs, customer service and peace of mind.

Our technicians have extensive IT and operational expertise and have enabled AMSEC to provide advanced security systems to government agencies Australia wide. With over 25 years, industry experience AMSEC is the obvious choice for all your security needs.

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