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Hanwha is ranked as the 8th largest corporation in South Korea based on asset size, and is a Fortune 500 company.
With 70 affiliates and 325 global networks, Hanwha’s global businesses span the manufacturing and construction; finance, and service and leisure industries.
With its 25 years of technological knowledge and expertise in optical and image processing, Hanwha Techwin is leading the CCTV and video surveillance market.

1977 Established the company
1991 Initiation of video surveillance business
1993 Development of nation’s first iris lens for CCTV
2008 Release of world’s first 37x PTZ camera
2010 Samsung Techwin acquires Samsung’s video surveillance business
2012 Release of world’s first 37x zoom interworking IR PTZ camera
2013 Release of Wisenet3 camera
2015 Hanwha group acquires Samsung Techwin and Hanwha Techwin is established
2016 Development of WISENET5 ISP Chip (SoC)
2017 Release of Wisenet X camera

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