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Concept 4000

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If you’re a manager in big business, you know just how important it is to protect your corporate assets. Your bottom line depends on it. Vandalism, burglary and internal theft pose significant risks to your people, plant and equipment. Furthermore, in the information age, threats to intellectual property can manifest from unexpected quarters such as the internet or internal corporate networks. The cost to your corporation if your assets are compromised can be considerable. You need a holistic solution that delivers best in class protection across your entire enterprise. A system that meets all of your complex security requirements in a single, integrated package. Inner Range delivers. The Concept 4000 hardware platform coupled with Insight management software seamlessly integrates:
• Best-in-breed access control for up to one million card-holders with mixed access technologies and optional card pools
• Fast, decisive intruder detection with multiple powerful security alarm reporting formats
• Building automation and monitoring including air conditioning and lighting control, plus off-the-shelf integration with hundreds of Building Management Systems
• Advanced CCTV / DVR integration including remote camera control and multiple timelines
• Live, interactive building floor plans with map navigation and drill-downs
• Multi-site, multi-tenant, multi-control module, multi-operator
• Advanced reports including full muster reports
• Enterprise SQL database engine with scheduled backups and data sharing with external sources
• An open sales channel

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